I was amazed at the response from this young group of people as I told them about their value.  Once one of them made the decision to come forward, the other seven moved from their seats and followed.  They just needed an invitation.  They just needed to understand how much the Father loves them.  Once they understood that, you could see the shame, the guilt, the condemnation falling right off of them!  It's hard to describe the joy I had in witnessing each of these eight individuals asking Jesus to come into their hearts in their own words.  Hallelujah!


                            K.D. - (Sunday, April 7, 2019 - Jefferson City, MO)



A woman was referred to call into our prayer line at Two Guys and A Bible Ministries.

She reported lots of problems and shared that she had been begging Jesus for years to show her how to get saved.  She shared, I didn't know if it would work for me!"

I told her that we could take care of that now over the phone.  We prayed and she repeated the sinners' prayer after me.  I then had her confess with her mouth that she believed and received Jesus.  She responded afterward, "I immediately felt better!"

This one seemed so easy to do.  This lady was hungry and had been wanting to be saved for a long time.


               Carolyn - (January 2019 - MHC, Laurie, MO)

It was a short day at the Midwest Healing Center in Laurie MO. I was on my way home dropping Donnie off first. I decided to go visit Courthouse Café in Versailles and get something to eat. My first time sitting down to order in the Cafe. I heard a conversation from the owner and her mother of a girl waiting on a bench on the courthouse grounds for her ride to pick her up. It was a 3-hour wait as the ride was coming from St. Louis. I heard mention the girl had just been released from jail. It was a day that rain was expected. The owner was kind and took a drink and muffin to her and asked her to come to wait in the Café. After the girl sat down, I turned around and said “hi” and introduced myself. We exchanged a few words and I went on to eat. I looked at the owner and said “I am going to give her some of God” “what” she said, I repeated it again, and again for the third time of her saying “what”, I spelled it out, GOD. She then understood. It was 1:15 and the Café was closing at 2:00. I asked the girl if I could sit with her but first needed to get something from my car. When I got what I went for, I sat down and went right to work talking about the love of God. I asked her if she knew of God and Jesus. She heard of them but knew nothing of their love for her. In talking with her I could see she was interested and hungry for what I had to say.  She liked the pamphlet I had in front of me “Healing The Whole Man”, I asked her if she would like to have it, “YES”, would you like the “101 Healing Scriptures”, “YES”. I told her we have a cd of the 101 and I would mail it to her. She was very anxious to receive it and anything else I had. I told her I would send the book “Seven Days With A Witch” as well. 2:00 came and we needed to leave. I asked her if she wanted to go to Versailles Park, there it would be peaceful and no distractions. She had a few questions, she mostly listened soaking up what was pouring out of me. It got to be close to her ride picking her up so we moved to McDonald's and talked more in the parking lot. She knew there was a heaven and a hell. I asked her if she wanted to live eternally in heaven, her replay, “YES”. I want to back up for a minute. In talking with Amie, we came to know how much we had in common on how we receive when being taught and some of the struggles we face in that area. Now to continue. I told her I wasn’t the person to know all the right words to say like so many others, but what I do have comes from my heart! I told her God does not look at the man but of the heart! I said “I am going to google a salvation prayer so I didn’t get it wrong and so it would be easy for her and me to understand. To my amazement, the first one I looked at was perfect! Let me back up again. In giving her what God laid on my heart, I would have to stop at times to fight the tears and overwhelming emotion. She would take my hand and hold it. Now to continue. I took her hands and said, “repeat after me”. I started to cry, stopped, and asked God to stop the tears so I could get the job done. After her receiving Christ, I then prayed over her before parting ways. When finished, she kept tapping her cheeks and said she could not stop smiling. She then told me a light came on her when I was praying over her. I said “do you know what that was”, “no” “it was the light of God”. She hugged me several times. I had texted her husband to give him the address as to where to pick her up. This was his message to me, it touched my heart: We’re barely making it to her…but my cousin is supposed to meet us close to Versailles to give me gas to get us back home…This was all unexpected to come get Amie and I’m doing whatever I can to come get her…A fella just blessed us with $6.00 dollars more of gas should get us there… She’s so awesome I’m blessed to have her in my life and to have children with her…she’s a winner for sure. I reached in my purse and gave Amie $25. all that I had.  I told him to text when he picked her up which he did. As Amie walked into McDonald's she turned around to blow me a kiss. FYI the week spent in jail was over a traffic ticket issue. It surely was a divine appointment that God put in place. I am happy that God used me! The two hours spent with her will never be forgotten!

                                                                                                                       Dione - (Wednesday, May 22, 2019 - Versailles, MO)

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